Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Hi all!

SO. I am about 2 weeks into spring semester but I am finally getting around to a year in review!

lol, I love acting like people keep tabs on this blog.

Its okay though. I once had a guy tell me that he never reads blogs, since they arent peer-reviewed or something

I kind of love the authenticity though (as authentic as anything on the internet is)

plus I dont follow the idea that everything has to be so damn presentable all the time (that guy was kind of a hipster snob anyway)

Now that I'm done vagueing ( millennial term for subtly talking about someone. Hi kids! )

Life has been pretty good lately!

I went to hawaii with one of my good friends, and we had an absolute ball. I snorkeled in so many places. Also I petted (pet?) a wild sea turtle, and saw some whales.

Then I came back to cold and snowy Utah for school with a cough from seawater as a souvenir.
 (first world problems amirite?)


2015 was a pretty good year.

It was a record year for amount of hours worked, number of classes taken, and number of people kissed. go me!

This one will be a condensed and college sized version (the college version of time available for leisure, not the college equivalent of textbooks or amount of material you have to learn or money spent)


Did:  Skyped with Austin, hung out with Cait, class and work. Went to the gynecologist for the first time. Cried from the dreariness of January (one of those is a joke )
Kissed: 1

Did: Went to Fort Collins for a weekend, killed it in Calc 2, went on my first Valentines day date. 
Kissed: 1 


Did: went to po-bev, Austin visited during spring break, ate a lot of Formosa, had some hip problems. cried when Austin left and when we broke up. 
Kissed: 1


Did: turned 20, finished my sophomore year, moved out of my apartment, went on a lot of tinder dates, and cried when my best friend moved away

Kissed: 1 
Listened: You - The 1975

Did: studied anatomy, saw All Time Low, ate a lot of Mcdonalds fries, almost fell in love
Kissed: 3

Did: Finished anatomy, tanned, saw The Pretty Reckless in concert, let my roots grow out, got an apartment cat. Cried of sheer joy when gay marriage was legalized (I happened to be wearing a shirt with a heart cut out that morning)
Kissed: 0

Did: Swam, went to Fall Out Boy, cursed the sun, worked at many different pharmacies, spent July 4th with my friends, went to seven peaks on the reg. Saw my friend get married.
Kissed: 1

 Did: Spent nights at my Aunt Becky's house, was impregnated by the lead singer of Walk the Moon (jk he was just a really passionate perfomer), made a lot of new friends, celebrated 1 year of being a vegetarian, went to Lagoon, was ghosted. 
Kissed: 0 


Did: started junior year of college, failed a test, went to a lot of frat parties, took an RM party hopping, kissed a stranger, dealt with sexism in STEM. Didnt get kissed on the A
Kissed: 2 

Did: Dropped a class, went to the Howl, visited my dad in the hospital, took Kaleb trick or treating, said yes to a player, went to a party full of string lights. Had one of the most popular guys at my high school tell me I was his high school crush (I was not popular in high school lol)
Kissed: 3

Did: sleepovers with Cody, made tofurkey for thanksgiving, studied, gymmed, and breathed through the end of the semester
Kissed: 1


Did: Took finals, celebrated New Years Eve, wrapped presents, breathed in the snow. Got 60 hours of vacation time to use in 6 weeks. Saw Star Wars twice, and went to the Cheesecake Factory with my best friends. 
Kissed: 1

So 2015 was full of friends, fashion, and fire
it was a really, really good year, guys
Ive learned and have grown so much!

AND, song of the year:

Keep Calm and 2016 on guys, even if we are 1/12 of the way through

*kissy face emoji*

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Dead Week


SO. junior year has been somewhat of a whirlwind

a lot of things that have happened to me this semester i cant write about on this blog

Suffice it to say i have had a semester full of parties, interesting incidents, and a high school popular guy who turned out to be in love with me (cant say who lol)

College has been an amazing experience. I often remember when I came up to Logan for SOAR and I  did not want to move up here because of my then-boyfriend, and my mother told me how she was jealous that I was starting my college career and I didnt really understand what she meant.

But in a typical millennial fashion I think i have 'found myself' during my formative adult years. I have found a fashion sense that I really love, and I have found a career path that I am so stoked to be pursuing. But most importantly I have found a grounded sense of self that simply could not exist when I lived in Orem.

As i explained to my then-boyfriend when we went to lunch a couple of weeks ago (i know, how mature and sensible am I?????) : when I moved to Logan I was in an environment in which I could cultivate my deepest sense of self.

I know. SO millennial.

ANY way. Junior semester has been really good. I have enjoyed my classes immensely, and I have kissed 6 people (go me!)

Its been really interesting to make up for all the partying I didnt do in high school.

Everyone is equal in college, and I have enjoyed every instant.


Not pictured : 4/6 of the people *sunglasses emoji*

I am immensely excited to see what life has in store for me 

(hint: I am applying to be an RA!)

AND por fin, a picture of me in my natural state

candid lol

Keep calm and College on my peeps